Re: [PATCH v2 4/5] apple-gmux: support MMIO gmux on T2 Macs

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On Fri, 17 Feb 2023 11:05:31 +1100
Orlando Chamberlain <> wrote:
> > 
> > Question are we not worried about MacBooks with an "APP000B"
> > ACPI device (with a value IORSOURCE_MEM entry) but which do not
> > actually have a gmux, because they are iGPU only ?  
> It looks like iMac20,1, iMac20,2, and iMacPro1,1 have APP000B:
> apple_gmux: Failed to find gmux I/O resource
> iMac20,2:
> iMac20,1:
> iMacPro1,1:
> But I'm not sure if they actually have it or not. I'll see if I can
> get people with those models to test if it's a real gmux. There does
> seem to be a pattern in that those three all have AMD GPU's.

Kerem Karabay managed to find the acpi tables and macOS's ioreg from and

The DSDT table has the same APP000B device as MacBooks with actual gmux,
while the ioreg has no mention of Apple's driver AppleMuxControl2 being
used for that device.

I think that confirms Apple has not fixed the issue of putting
APP000B's where they don't need to.

Solutions to this I can think of are:

- Use DMI matching to ignore product_names "iMacPro1,1" "iMac20,1",
- Maybe check if the MMIO region for gmux is filled with 0xff*

*I don't know if this would work or not as I don't have a machine to
check with. On my machine everything surrounding the 16 bytes used for
gmux is 0xff:

# hexdump -n48 -C -s 0xfe0b01f0 /dev/mem
fe0b01f0  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |................|
fe0b0200  00 00 3e 4f 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 14 00  |..>O............|
fe0b0210  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |................|

so maybe on the iMacPro and iMac's, this would all be 0xff.

> I've looked at dmesg or at least lsmod on all the models with the T2
> chip and there wasn't evidence of any other models having that error
> or having apple-gmux loaded on any models that shouldn't have a gmux,
> other than the three mentioned above. Of course I don't know if its
> possible for there to be firmware versions where this isn't the case.
> > 
> > I have learned the hard way (through backlight control regressions
> > in 6.1) that at least some older model MacBooks with an IO resource
> > have an APP000B ACPI device without them actually having a gmux,
> > these get caught by the version check and then do not pass the
> > indexed check so that apple_gmux_detect() properly returns false.
> > 
> > Maybe make gmux_mmio_read32() a static inline inside
> > include/linux/apple-gmux.h and try to read the version here ?  
> For that would we need to ioremap() and iounmap()?
> > 
> > Has this been tested on iGPU only T2 Macs?  
> I don't think so. 
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Hans
> > 
> >   

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