Struct definition for pjsip_endpoint (Swift iOS app)

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I am testing PJSIP inside a Swift iOS app, just using PJSIP not PJSUA. After configuring, building and setting up the bridging header file, everything seems right. I can init PJLIB and PJLIB-UTIL successfully. But, I have encountered an issue that the pjsip_endpoint object cannot be found in scope.


Having a look at the implementation. I see the type definition is in sip_types.h but the actual struct is defined in sip_endpoint.c and not in sip_endpoint.h. Unlike other objects like pjsip_transaction, pjsip_event, etc; that have its struct definition in their header files. Can anyone elaborate on this implementation? And, if I'm using it in the wrong way, how can I declare a pjsip_endpoint object inside a Swift application?

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks!


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