Hearing a static noise on audio Maybe clockrate issues?

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I am currently fighting with static noise whenever call is trying to be started. I think its due to clockrate, but I am unable to fix it.

Its not just the call issue, as when I try to go with the list of troubleshooting audio, the issue also appears when I try to playback a WAV file. (there is a noise and then there is the WAV file in the background being played).

Here is the full log of the ./playfile sample: https://paste.brcb.eu/wajyxurele.apache. When I tried the sipecho or recording a file. It all worked fine. But just to note, when the recording was running, it reported a different sample rate: amp.rate=44100 (the playback showed amp.rate=22050). Here is the full log of recording: https://paste.brcb.eu/herexyxixa.apache).

I also read (here: https://docs.pjsip.org/en/latest/specific-guides/audio-troubleshooting/checks/problematic_clock_rate.html) that it can be an issue with clock rate. But on the doc page, there is no way how to fix it. So I want to kindly ask for your help, how to get this working.

My setup is: Raspberry Pi Zero 2W with ReSpeaker 2mics hat running Raspi OS (legacy buster based) with PJSIP 2.10 (i know, older version, but specified by my school, cant change that).

Also, my main usage is a custom script using PJSIP as a doorbell, so can you please help me to get the settings right at least when using my script? Here it is: ttps://paste.brcb.eu/yrygofukud.md. (there is also a modified call.py file: https://paste.brcb.eu/gywequhaqu.rb)

Thank you!
Kind regards
Simon Cechacek
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