Re: SIPREC support in PJSUA2 , PJSUA or PJSIP

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On 26.01.22 13:19, Norbert Weyrich wrote:

Is there support in PJSUA2, PJSUA or PJSIP for SIPREC as SRC (Session Recording Client) to initiate connections to SIP REC Server?

At least, it is necessary to change the SDP content, add a feature tag to the CONTACT haeder and add or change the REQUIRE header.

Thanks a lot.


Hey there,

there is no out of the box support, but you can implement it using PJSUA, I did so myself.
You need to apply SDP media label and maybe the direction attribute "sendonly" in the on_sdp_created()
callback and add the XML metadata when making requests,
you can use the msg_data param of pjsua_call_make_call() for this; see:

Also, you should add a Contact header parameter ("+sip.src" if I remember correctly)
and you must add the "siprec" feature string to the "Require" header.

Don't forget to handle re-INVITEs from the SRS in case it requests metadata snapshots.
That's roughly it, hope this helps somewhat.

All the best,

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