PJSUA/PJSUA2: Immediately hangup on unreachable client

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I'm using mostly PJSUA2. I have an userless account set up and want to do direct calls. The call is started via pj::Call::makeCall() and hangup via pj::Call::hangupCall(). This is working for clients that are reachable and sending provisional responses.

However it is not working as I intended when calling clients that are not reachable (SIP-Uri is valid though). The call is disconnected when using hangupCall but the session still exists. Repeating this process too fast will result in an "PJ_ETOOMANY" error. I want those sessions to end immediately since sip cancel won't reach the client anyway. The session timeout seems to have a minimal value of 90 seconds.

I tried pjsip_inv_terminate, pjsip_inv_end_session and pjsip_dlg_terminate to no avail.

Is there a way to immediately hangup on an unreachable client and how can it be done?

Jochen Jung
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