How to get remote party video frames in PJSUA/PJSUA2

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I am using “pjsua2_demo” and have established a call to a remote party. Both audio and video are working just fine. The demo sends the color bar to the remote and shows the remote video on a window. The corresponding snippet code:

void MyCall::onCallMediaState(OnCallMediaStateParam &prm)



CallInfo ci = getInfo();

VideoMedia dec_med = getDecodingVideoMedia(-1);

VideoMedia enc_med = getEncodingVideoMedia(-1);

VideoMediaTransmitParam param;

Dec_med.startTransmit(enc_med, param);


I just need to capture remote party video frames and process them, instead of showing them on a window.

I suppose I should start with “onCallMediaState” callback. But do not have any idea how to start. Any idea?

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