Character encoding in pjsua2 for Python 3.6

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Hello, guys!
I’m compiling pjsip with mingw-w64 (i686-7.2.0-posix-dwarf-rt_v5-rev1) on Windows 8.1 (64) Russian lang for Python 3.6 (32).
For pjsip 2.8 module pjsua2 worked fine. I could get any strings decoding them with decode("cp1251") and run any function setting string params with corresponding encode function. Example for setting the codec priority:
self._lib.codecSetPriority("PCMU/8000/1".encode("cp1251"), 255)
I think I got raw encoded strings from pjsua2. That’s why it worked.
Since pjsip 2.9 I can’t get it to work because strings that I got from pjsua2 are unicode strings. Encode and decode function can’t help.
Could anyone push me in the right direction to solve this issue?
С уважением, Каменский Антон.
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