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I need access from python to real time PCM data from PJSIP and I've found here, in the list, a patch to create a custom port to make callback calls to python when RTP frame arrived and parsed: http://lists.pjsip.org/pipermail/pjsip_lists.pjsip.org/2014-March/037650.html
And it works. At least on a developer machine. But not in the Kubernetes. No incoming audio. 
At first i thought the NAT was causing this, but tested with pjsua softphone in echo mode and there is no problem - rtp flows in both directions. I've added log outputs on the RTP packet path from transport_udp.c to conference.c, sound_port.h and finally python UAC. And when it ran in kubernetes pod I don't see any output. (Well, in python i receive empty packets). Looks like some races when running PJSIP kubernetes.

Maybe someone encountered problems like this? I also encounter it with latest PJSIP release but only in 1 of 20-30 calls.

A second question. Is there another way to get near real time PCM data from PJSIP to python to process it on the fly?

Vovk Donets
 python developer

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