PJSUA Aborts after Assertion Failure

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I have been working on a project for a company to create a paging system that integrates with the current FreePBX server and phone system. I am using a rPi 1 for developing and testing, and plan to deploy on an rPi3 after success. (rPi 1 is personal, rPi3 corp owned)

After some weeks of battling and fixing various issues related to the project, I am back to one single issue that I thought went away. I have seen this error in various posts around the 2012 era when a patch was made to resolve this issue. As far as I can tell, that patch has long been incorporated into my source code (PJSIP 2.10). I have seen a few newer issues like mine, but with no resolution. So I'm really at a loss for what to do and continued searching doesn't seem isn't helping yet.

Please let me know what more info is needed, but here is some preliminary information:

Kernel: 4.19.97
PJSIP: 2.10
PJSIP Compilation options:
./aconfigure --disable-video --disable-ffmpeg --disable-v4l2 --disable-libwebrtc

Jack: jackd1
Sound devices: Using analog out port on pi, snd_dummy for mic
PJSUA Config file:

--id sip:51@
--registrar sip:
--realm *
--username 51
--password ***
--auto-answer 200
--capture-dev 6
--playback-dev 17
# Device numbering obtained from pjsystest
Error message: pjsua-armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf: ../src/pjmedia/conference.c:1895: get_frame: Assertion `frame->size == conf->samples_per_frame * conf->bits_per_sample / 8' failed. Aborted

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Jackd1
2. Start PJSUA with config file
3. Call paging endpoint from desk phone

At this point, PJSUA attempts to answer the call and aborts.
Console output:
18:41:46.460   conference.c  ...Port 2 (ring) transmitting to port 0 (jack)
18:41:46.463   pjsua_call.c  ..Answering call 0: code=200
18:41:46.466  inv0xb4600c2c  ....SDP negotiation done: Success
18:41:46.467  pjsua_media.c  .....Call 0: updating media..
18:41:46.597  pjsua_media.c !.......Media stream call00:0 is destroyed
18:41:46.605    pjsua_aud.c  ......Audio channel update..
18:41:46.608 strm0xb4661444  .......VAD temporarily disabled
pjsua-armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf: ../src/pjmedia/conference.c:1895: get_frame: Assertion `frame->size == conf->samples_per_frame * conf->bits_per_sample / 8' failed.

I note the same failure when I use pjsystest and ask it to play a test tone.

So I'm at a loss at this point, does anyone have an avenue for me to explore?


Larry Ing

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