Suppress log messages prior to libInit in Python

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Hello all,


Using version 2.9 with Python and prior to calling libInit(), wherein one
gets to set the log levels, the call to libCreate() seems to cause some
log messages, such as


12:19:14.130         os_core_unix.c !pjlib 2.9 for POSIX initialized

12:19:14.131         sip_endpoint.c  .Creating endpoint instance...

12:19:14.132                  pjlib  .select() I/O Queue created (0x224e8c8)

12:19:14.132         sip_endpoint.c  .Module "mod-msg-print" registered

12:19:14.132        sip_transport.c  .Transport manager created.

12:19:14.132           pjsua_core.c  .PJSUA state changed: NULL --> CREATED


Is there a way with Python to suppress those messages?






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