PJSUA: Answer re-INVITE asynchronously; don't care about SDP

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Hey there,

the PJSUA call API provides a callback "on_call_rx_reinvite" to receive notifications
about incoming re-INVITE/UPDATE requests.

In the callback, the user can set an "async" flag to indicate,
that they want to answer the re-INVITE themselves at a later time.

To doc says that in this case, the user must use pjsua_call_answer_with_sdp()
for answering the re-INVITE and provide an SDP along with it.

My question now is:
Is there a way to answer a re-INVITE asynchronously and not care about the SDP but have PJSUA generate it automatically like it would when the async flag is not set?

Here's my problem:

- A re-INVITE comes in and contains a multipart body (possibly including SDP and some other content)
- In case of a re-INVITE with multipart body:
  -- Set the async flag
  -- Inform the application asynchronously about the re-INVITE,
     so that it has a chance to look at the multipart content and respond to it (possibly with a multipart body as well).      Here, the application only cares about the additional content and not the SDP.

Best Regards,

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