Pjproject 2.10: memory usage with asterisk

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Hi there,

A few days ago I've tested Asterisk 16.9 with Pjsip 2.10 (the bundled version is still 2.9 and so is the version we usually use).

One thing I've noticed was that the combination with Pjsip 2.10 was using a lot more memory according to top (compiled with the same config_site.h and the same configure options, the usage was ~90MByte compared to ~68MByte after boot). This was even the case with PJ_TIMER_DEBUG 0 and PJ_TIMER_HEAP_USE_COPY 0

So with these two options disabled I'd expect about the same memory footprint. Does anyone have an idea about which changeset could be responsible for this?

Best regards,


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