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I'm trying to set up some tests using pjsua2 and pytest. However I encountered some problems with EndPoints and Accounts. I took the standard pjsua2 Python demo ( and tried to make some structure of it.

The example below works fine. However if I make the created EndPoint object global by removing the "#", then the "onRegState" callback is not called.


My problem is that if I try to use the same EndPoint for two tests with two different accounts, then my account classes does not work.

import time
import pjsua2 as pj
from pjsua2 import Account

# Subclass to extend the Account and get notifications etc.
class myAccount(Account):
  def onRegState(self, prm):

def _EndPoint():
        ep_cfg = pj.EpConfig()
        ep_cfg.uaConfig.threadCnt = 0
        # global ep
        ep = pj.Endpoint()

        # Create SIP transport. Error handling sample is shown
        sipTpConfig = pj.TransportConfig();
        sipTpConfig.port = 5060;
        ep.transportCreate(pj.PJSIP_TRANSPORT_UDP, sipTpConfig);
        # Start the library
        return ep

def account():
  acfg = pj.AccountConfig();
  acfg.idUri = "sip:test@xxxxxxxxx";
  acfg.regConfig.registrarUri = "";
  acfg.idUri = "sip:u1@";
  acfg.regConfig.registrarUri = "sip:";
  cred = pj.AuthCredInfo("digest", "*", "test", 0, "pwtest");
  acfg.sipConfig.authCreds.append( cred );
  # Create the account
  acc = myAccount();
  return acc

def pjsua2_test():
  e = _EndPoint()
  a = account()

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