Sip session timer negotiation (rfc4028)

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Hi folks,


when doing outgoing calls via the FritxBox and having session timers active, we observe that the call is ended by pjsip. We have a 300 s expiry time in the invite and the FritxBox answers the call with a 600 s interval and the uas as refresher. Pjsip stays with the 300s and drops the call before the FritxBox can update.


I Pjsip, this is built in by purpose, in sip_timer.c is a comment:

/* Update SE. Session-Expires in response cannot be lower than Min-SE.

* Session-Expires in response can only be equal or lower than in

 * request.



In rfc4028, I can  only find that a proxy must not extend the expiry time, is this valid for a PBX as well?


So who is wrong? The FritxBox or Pjsip?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
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