Is it possible to use pjsua2 in python to use AudioMedia Memory/Buffer-based Playback Port in real time?

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Hi everyone.

I'm using pjsua2 from pjproject v2.9 to develop a SIP integration client. According with the PJSUA2 Media documentation, from python is only possible to:
  • Capture device’s AudioMedia
  • Playback device’s AudioMedia
  • Get Call AudioMedia
  • Play a Wav (pj::AudioMediaPlayer)
  • Record a Wav (pj::AudioMediaRecorder)
It seems in C this is possible using media port (, in python do no exist MediaPort to try to bypass the callback.

For performance, I'm interested on take the raw binary data from frames for make audio processing. Is it possible to manage the audio frame in memory without record a Wav file? If not, It would be supported in the future? 

I explain the problem with references to the documentation in this StackOverflow post:

Thanks in advance.


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