Debian Package fail (to whom it may concern) !

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I spent the last week to figure out why i cannot attack a wav file to a conference bridge and

found out, that pjsua_conf_connect requires a samplerate library which may be the supplied third party

library resample or an external library (libsamplerate).

The debian rules configure flags lack of a valid samplerate conversion library since it has been disabled

using "--disable-resample" and not including " --enable-libsamplerate" which is a well maintained lib

on debian.

After patching the rules file and add the --enable-libsamplerate flag as well as adding libsamplerate0-dev to

the build dependencies in the control file, the problem's gone and i'm able to connect tones

or wav ports to the conference bridge !

Wonder why someone could have managed to connect ports to a conference bridge without using

a sample rate conversion library though !

Best regards


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