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I have an external device with pjproject (2.9, compiled with SRTP and DTLS support) which works like a sipphone. It is not able to call someone but it is able to receive calls. I am using LinPhone on my workstation to establish a call with the external device. I test three use cases:

1) Normal call without SRTP and without DTLS and it works fine.

2) A call with SRTP which also works fine.

3) A call with DTLS and this scenario is not working. I see in Wireshark that the workstation (Linphone) sends a invite and the external device sends back a SSL message with "Client Hello (Fragment), Client Hello (Reassembled)". But the is no Server Hello and so the SRTP Stream is never established.

What can I do to test the DTLS SRTP function on my external device. Is there someone who can give me a hint?! Thanks

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