Bridging N calls together

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I'm developing a server like program using pjsua. This program will receive N calls, and bridge them together (everyone hears everything). There is no need of capture/playback devices. What is the best way to achive this? I think I should use the conference bridge of pjmedia. Calling pjmedia_conf_connect_port N*N times is not a good idea, so I thought maybe I can create a "mixing" pjmedia_port, add it to the confbridge, then connect all calls' ports to it, and vice versa, the mixing port to all calls' ports. Would it work?

If this is the right idea, what kind of port should I use as mixing port? A master port? In this case, could I just connect everything to port 0 of the bridge (while also disconnecting port 0 from the sound devices)?

Thank you very much,

any suggestion is appreciated.

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