Crash in pjsua_aud with multiple worker threads

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Hi Y'alls,

I have a problem in a multi-threaded environment that I am trying to alleviate.

This is what I have done:
I have an end of file callback for any prompt file played in the system. I have followed the examples and set and EOF callback using pjmedia_wav_player_set_eof_cb and in that callback making calls to  pjsua_conf_disconnect, pjsua_player_get_conf_port,
pjsua_call_get_conf_port, and pjsua_player_destroy. But this would always lead to a deadlock as any of these function calls will interfere with get_frame that runs on the timer thread.

Therefore, I scheduled all these calls on the timer thread as mentioned on this 12 year old thread:

Now the system works but only if I have 0 pjsip worker threads. Which will not scale well in the future.
It seems that when calculating the size of the array
in any of the above pjsua function calls in the pjsua_aud.c I get a segmentation crash when using more than 0 worker threads.

Is there any way to alleviate this? I can provide source code if needed.

Thank you,


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