pjsua app --ipv6 is putting IPv4 address in SDP

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On github master branch, using pjsua --ipv6 on a dual stack host with
TLS (don't think the TLS matters)

Observed behaviour:
1. pjsua-app can REGISTER with IPv6 and get IPv6 Contact address
2. When it sends SDP in INVITE, it puts its IPv4 address in c= line
3. Calls fail with Unsupported Transport

Expected behaviour:
1 pjsua app can REGISTER and make calls.

At tag 2.9, this was working: the acc->cfg.transport_id was set to a
tls6 transport,
and the acc->tp_type was PJSIP_TRANSPORT_TLS6.

master branch has refactored the app_init() so I am not clear how this broke.

Anthony Alba

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