Re: Crash in pj_timer_heap_poll

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Hi Nanang,

It was in this line:

    PJ_LOG(5,(SNAME(tdata->sess), "Response cache deleted"));

Exception thrown: read access violation.
   tdata->sess was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7. occurred
pj_wrapper.dll!on_cache_timeout(pj_timer_heap_t * timer_heap, pj_timer_entry * entry) Line 226
   at pjnath\src\pjnath\stun_session.c(226)
pj_wrapper.dll!pj_timer_heap_poll(pj_timer_heap_t * ht, pj_time_val * next_delay) Line 651
   at pjlib\src\pj\timer.c(651)
[Managed to Native Transition]

From debugger, current values:

   tdata   0x000001c5f264f828 {prev=0xdddddddddddddddd {prev=??? next=??? pool=??? ...} next=0xdddddddddddddddd {...} ...}   pj_stun_tx_data *
      prev   0xdddddddddddddddd {prev=??? next=??? pool=??? ...}   pj_stun_tx_data *
      next   0xdddddddddddddddd {prev=??? next=??? pool=??? ...}   pj_stun_tx_data *
      pool   0xdddddddddddddddd {prev=??? next=??? obj_name=0xdddddddddddddded <Error reading characters of string.> ...}   pj_pool_t *
      sess   0xdddddddddddddddd {cfg=??? pool=??? grp_lock=??? ...}   pj_stun_session *
      msg   0xdddddddddddddddd {hdr={type=??? length=??? magic=??? ...} attr_count=??? attr=0xddddddddddddddf5 {...} }   pj_stun_msg *
      token   0xdddddddddddddddd   void *
      client_tsx   0xdddddddddddddddd {obj_name=0xdddddddddddddddd <Error reading characters of string.> cb={_on_complete_=...} ...}   pj_stun_client_tsx *
      retransmit   -572662307   int
      msg_magic   3722304989   unsigned int
      msg_key   0x000001c5f264f868 "ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ...   unsigned char[12]
      auth_info   {realm={ptr=0xdddddddddddddddd <Error reading characters of string.> slen=-2459565876494606883 } username=...}   pj_stun_req_cred_info
      pkt   0xdddddddddddddddd   void *
      max_len   3722304989   unsigned int
      pkt_size   15987178197214944733   unsigned __int64
      addr_len   3722304989   unsigned int
      dst_addr   0xdddddddddddddddd   const void *
      res_timer   {user_data=0xdddddddddddddddd id=-572662307 cb=0xdddddddddddddddd ...}   pj_timer_entry
   tdata->sess   0xdddddddddddddddd {cfg=??? pool=??? grp_lock=??? ...}   pj_stun_session *
      cfg   <Unable to read memory>  
      pool   <Unable to read memory>  
      grp_lock   <Unable to read memory>  
      cb   {_on_send_msg_=??? _on_rx_request_=??? _on_request_complete_=??? ...}   pj_stun_session_cb
      user_data   <Unable to read memory>  
      is_destroying   <Unable to read memory>  
      use_fingerprint   <Unable to read memory>  
      rx_pool   <Unable to read memory>  
      dump_buf   0xddddddddddddde2d <Error reading characters of string.>   char[1000]
      log_flag   <Unable to read memory>  
      auth_type   <Unable to read memory>  
      cred   {type=??? data="" slen=??? } username={ptr=??? slen=??? } data_type=??? ...} ...} }   pj_stun_auth_cred
      auth_retry   <Unable to read memory>  
      next_nonce   {ptr=??? slen=??? }   pj_str_t
      server_realm   {ptr=??? slen=??? }   pj_str_t
      srv_name   {ptr=??? slen=??? }   pj_str_t
      pending_request_list   {prev=??? next=??? pool=??? ...}   pj_stun_tx_data
      cached_response_list   {prev=??? next=??? pool=??? ...}   pj_stun_tx_data

Best Regards,
Hugo Sobral

On Wed, 3 Jul 2019 at 11:04, Nanang Izzuddin <nanang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Hugo,

The STUN tdata timer in STUN session (i.e: tdata->res_timer) is scheduled using 'pj_stun_session' group lock, so normally it should be safe from race condition between 'pj_stun_session' destroy and 'on_cache_timeout', but perhaps there is a corner case, could you also send the call stack traces when the crash occurs?


On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 1:30 AM Hugo Sobral <hugo.sobral@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sometimes I get a crash in "pj_timer_heap_poll"
I notice that there was some corrections about that in milestone 2.9

But these corrections does not solve my issue.

After some time debugging the issue, it looks like that it happens when the code:

if (node->cb)
(*node->cb)(ht, node);
in function  'pj_timer_heap_poll' is invoked with the function 'on_cache_timeout' at the same time that 'pj_stun_session' is being destroyed (this destroy is made by application's code because the call terminates).

I cannot understand exactly how this happens,
but I think that there is a time gap in function 'pj_timer_heap_poll' after the 'unlock_timer_heap(ht)' that 'pj_stun_session' can be destroyed and crash inside 'on_cache_timeout'

Is this a known issue in the specified functions?

Best regards,
Hugo Sobral

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