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I think implementing your own pjmedia-audiodev and pjmedia-videodev (that take input from TCP/Serial) would cover this. These are in pjmedia/src.

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Hi, I am very new to PJSIP and I want to change my default audio and video resources.


Firstly, in my system audio and video data is streaming from remote machine over TCP, Serial Port etc. instead of mic and camrea and I want to transport these media to my contacts via PJSIP. As I read if I build PJSIP without PJMEDIA, I can use it to just media transportation and SIP operations but in this situation how will I handle issues like 'confrence bridge' etc?


As a second, you can think all system like my camera and microphone are in first machine and I want to make SIP operations and data transportation in second machine. I am not sure how will I handle issues like 'echo cancelation' etc. without PJMEDIA features in first device. Do you have any advice instead of PJMEDIA to work in first device as media stack, for example it could be Android device, or is there anyway to implement all process with PJSIP and PJMEDIA?





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