Third party video framework

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I am trying to use a third party media framework. I am currently looking through the code base trying to answer the following questions.

Is there something equivalent to PJSUA_MEDIA_HAS_PJMEDIA (I understand this will disable all audio&video processing while still allowing pjsip to handle sdp) for video only (ie still use all the standard pjsua audio processing)? I haven't been able to find anything yet. If this doesn't exist, is implementing this relatively easy?

If switching out video only isn't something easy to do, and I instead switch out both audio and video, I'm not certain where to begin either.

I'm expecting whether I implement only video or both audio and video, that I still have to tell pjsip about what formats I support, and provide a handler for pjsip to notify me what the media format information that was negotiated? What functions are involved in this?


Any pointers are much appreciated.

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