Sleep timers on Pjsua2.8 + swig + python

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Hi all, 

I'm writing an application where two apps will call each other, so no human intervention is required.

I need to simulate a real life call-picking-up scenario. So instead of call invite, trying, ringing, and then straight answer, I need to add timers, in other words sleep a couple of seconds here and there. 

So currently answering the call logic is placed in the onIncomingCall cb, however, whenever I use python's time.sleep(x) method, the whole cb is delayed. 

If I add a sleep action between the sip180 and sip200 responses (bear in mind I have code there to send sip100), the whole thing is delayed, and the calling party keeps sending the re-invite messages. 

Any thoughts would be greatly helpful. 

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