Re: Fixed dialog memory leak when no SDP in incoming INVITE

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On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 1:40 PM mscdexdotexe <mscdex@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Since 4b36447313032c1aaa0a68a91066b44e86c5e466 there has been a dialog memory leak when an INVITE is received without an SDP. I have attached a patch (against master) that fixes the leak.

For testing I used a simple pjsua UAS program (attached -- repro.c) and two different SIPp[1] scenarios (one with SDP in INVITE and one with SDP later in the ACK -- both attached). After the final transaction is terminated 30 seconds after the call ends (typically when the dialog would get destroyed) you can send SIGUSR2 to the pjsua UAS program to display the dialog sets still in memory. Before this patch, the sip-ack scenario should show a single dialog set. With the sipp-invite (and after this patch + sipp-ack) scenario, there should be no dialog sets shown.

The SIPp scenarios can be used via: sipp -sf <scenario file> -m 1 -r 1 -l 1 <ip where pjsua UAS program is running>:5070

Is it possible to get this patch merged in?
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