My application can't work without some instances of PJSUA

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Hi guys,

In my application I have used pjsip library without PJSUA, but when I try to send sip registration (register message) with pjsip_regc_send(…) application crash with segmentation fault.

The only way to send correctly sip messages is to declare in header file:

                pjsua_config pjsua_cfg;

pjsua_transport_config pjsua_transport_cfg;

pjsua_acc_config pjsua_acc_cfg;

But pjsua_cfg, pjsua_transport_cfg and pjsua_acc_cfg are never called in the application.

Is it possible that this objects set some default parameter for transport or other variables in pjsip library? it's a really weird behaviour.


Thanks in advice.


Best Regards


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