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On Feb 21, 2013, at 3:08 PM, Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:

Dear List -


William N. Lipscomb, Jr.


Dear List -

I feel, and correct me if I am wrong, that a list as this or similar, should be devoted to help and not sarcasm. I try to be quiet and to not "toot my horn", but as events have progressed, I feel I must.

As you all know, I have a PhD. It is in Chemistry. The thesis is a mathematical approximation to the solution of the "three body system", using the Helium atom as a model. The thesis is 300 pages: 150 of Mathematics and 150 of FORTRAN.

Graduate students are known to ask stupid questions, and I had my share of them.

In the course of the research I needed help, both in quantum mechanics and mathematics. As I was close to Boston, MA, I sought out help from MIT and Harvard from:

Prof. William J Lipscomb, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, (1976)
He placed his research group at my disposal..


Prof. Richard Courant, director of what is now the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences < > at New York University. Courant_Institute_of_Mathematical_Sciences On a visit to MIT, he graciously gave me help with some mathematics I needed for my thesis.

Neither of them told me to read my books and stop bothering them with such trivia. They were helpful, gracious and gently pointed out my errors

My two cents.


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Yes but this is the websphere.
Things are done differently here in that respect.
We are not getting paid to listen to your problems.
It is out of respect for the open source community that we all do this.
That being said, there is an amount of etiquette you will have to learn on your own or by people not wanting to help you as a newbie poster here.

I know this because on my very first post I got practically yelled at.
It will get better with time if you learn how to listen and how to take the approach of not asking every time you have a problem, but more so research the heck out of your problem first and do as much as you can on your own.

Ever heard of the teddy bear technique?

The other thing about building web pages is the fact that it is basically a language your learning. So like me trying to ask directions in spanish, you may not get very far if you don't learn the basics of the languages people speak here IE: PHP, HTML, etc...

GL 2 U,


Karl DeSaulniers
Associates in Visual Communications (Graphic Design)
Self Taught HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, XML, PHP and MySQL toot toot!
Design Drumm

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