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On 1/3/2013 7:35 PM, Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:
Dear List -

I am running sid on my Lenovo desktop and squeeze on my Dell laptop. The
php.ini files are the same.  The programs are the same except foro the
locatioln of the password file and of a file to be read for parameters.
The programs run beautifully on the desktop, but refuse to run on the
laptop.  Error_reporting is set to -1. I receive no errors.

Advice and help, please.

? #1 - are you sure that the two things you admit changing are actually working correctly? Basic debugging here. Verify the access of the password file with an echo/exit(). Then do the same for the parameter file read. Then start moving that echo/exit() to somewhere later and later.

BTW - Can we lose the "a and c, p" comment?  I find it offputting.

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