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On Sat, 6 Jan 2024 at 18:02, Mönôme Epson <glash.gnome@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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For example :
$key = "a";
$value = 1;
$array = [$key => $value];

[$key => $value] = $array;

We all agree that now $key = 'a' and $value = 1

And I wonder why
What happens in this case :

[$key => $value] = ['b'=>2];

$key = 'b' and $value = 2 or all is null ?

My question is: I see list() as the reciprocal of an array(). Do you think it would be interesting for everyone if I proposed my vision?

How will this help us?

In your example above,  You want [ $key => $value ]  to equal b and 2

Why not just say  $key="b"; $value=2; ?   Why the complex array or involve the array at all?
or just say $array["b"]=2; much simpler - if you wanted it in the array.



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