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I think that PHP is DOOMED.

Once you guys turn OFF auto typing (numbers or strings) is all it is which is what PHP 5 did PHP is now becoming C++ with all these types.

All you need is C and ASM and PHP.  PHP used to be an interpreted language as in auto typing capable.  Number or string is what it used to do but now all these types are added when it used to auto type.

Go back to php 5 and apply security patches to a language that was nearly PERFECT already only having a few security bugs.

The more you guys proceed with PHP 8 and so on, the WORSE it gets because now nothing is auto typed any more.  WOW DUMB ASSES <-- sorry I cussed

I know at version 9 you guys will turn off AUTO TYPING.

Good luck and you have been warned... all nerds (like myself) should download php 5 before they delete it forever.


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