Significant response time delays between 8.0 and 8.1

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Hi Everyone.


I’m a hobby programmer, so please be kind😊


I’m investigating a performance degradation that I have between PHP8.0 and PHP8.1. I see a couple of similar issues being raised but no resolutions that I’ve found.


In my live WordPress system I have HTML/_javascript_s that make multiple ajax calls to PHP scripts on the remote hosted web server. On upgrading to 8.1 the number of ajax calls failing with timeout increased dramatically by a factor of between 4 to 8 depending on the frequency of calls at any one time.


Examination of a comparison showed scripts were taking up to 15 seconds under PHP8.1 compared to 1-2 seconds on PHP8.0.


To isolate the issue I created a simple (non-WordPress) web script that on the click of an icon uses ajax to send a retrieve request to a server script. The server test script simply immediately returns one piece of hardcoded dummy jSON data with no processing.


Based on the Chrome debugger Network tab, the time of the network calls triggered from the test script under PHP8.0 are a response of around 25mS.  Under 8.1 the timings are average 92mS. A factor of about 3.7 slower under 8.1. This has been consistent on two separate servers.


My conclusion at this point is that my test setup is reflecting the same (or worse) time delay factor between PHP8.1 and PHP8.0  as I am having on the full site. As my test setup is pure HTML/_javascript_ and PHP on the server I think this might be an issue with PHP8.1.


Any advice or assistance is keenly welcomed! Thank you in advance.


Happy to share my scripts and the URL to the test script.




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