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Might be the wrong place for this. If it is, I apologize.

There's an Opens Source "Sass" app that I'm looking to fire up to test
and possibly modify.

It's php/Laravel. As far as I can tell from the Github repos
it appears to be nginx.

I'm trying to understand exactly what the app "Wave" really is!!

Is it a "framework" for creating the Author's idea of what an Saas app
should feel/look like? Is it an actual "Saas" base app that can be

But, I'd like to be able to install/run/test to be able to then get a
better understanding.

I would ask this on a few Discord channels. but the web based discord
seems to be having issues!

My question here:
 Can someone be my sensei! for installing laravel/php on centos/ubnutu
  Could the same person (hopefully) have skills with apache/httpd.conf
      to be able to install/get the test app up/running?

 If you have the chops, get back to me. I'm willing to discuss cash
for a bit of your time/expertise!

the github test app/repos:

thanks much


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