app breaks after upgrade of php

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short story
had running application for years (MediaWiki)
did an upgrade via OS (arch linux `pacman -Syu`)
app now broken with: 
   You are missing a required extension to PHP that MediaWiki requires to run. Please install: 
intl (more information)
I was upgrading to version 8.2.9-1
Verified that nothing had changed php.ini:
grep intl /etc/php/php.ini
;intl.default_locale =
; happens within intl functions. The value is the level of the error produced.
intl.error_level = E_WARNING
intl.use_exceptions = 0
And the .so file still exists:
ls -l /usr/lib/php7/modules/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 481424 Dec 12 2022 /usr/lib/php7/modules/
What caused this problem?
What do you suggest for resolving this issue?

     Michael Rasmussen
Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity
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