Create html hyperlink subsequent postgresql query

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Forgive ignorance of correct terminology.

A php file was created to display postgresql query result in a html
web page, using function 'pgfetchassoc'.

...while ($databasequery1=pg_fetch_assoc($databasequery))
echo '<span><a href="file.php?column1='.$databasequery1['column1].'">'.$databasequery1['column1'].'</a></span>';
echo ' <span>' .$databasequery1['column2'].'</span>';
echo ' <span>' .$databasequery1['column3'].'</span>;

The html file shows correct data from the database:

hyperlinkrow1column1 row1column2 row1column3
hyperlinkrow2column1 row2column2 row2column3

The requested behaviour is that when 'hyperlinkrow1column1' is
activated, another html file is opened and shows another query result
for the tuple 'row1column1' in the database.

Please what are the relevant functions, terminology to read relevant
parts of the manual and continue?

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