Dates ahead of time on PHP

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I just upgraded my Debian OS, which updated me to PHP 8.2. Now, when I
issue the following:

$now = getdate(time());
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

Here's what I get:

    [seconds] => 47
    [minutes] => 34
    [hours] => 3
    [mday] => 7
    [wday] => 0
    [mon] => 5
    [year] => 2023
    [yday] => 126
    [weekday] => Sunday
    [month] => May
    [0] => 1683430487

I'm doing this on 6 May 2023 at about 23:39. Note that the date
returned is on the *following* date, one day ahead of today.

Here's what my system returns:

$ date
Sat May 6 11:39:41 PM EDT 2023

This verifies that my system date is Saturday 6 May 2023. And yet PHP's
date routines are returning 7 May 2023.

So my question is, where is getdate(time()) getting its date
information? And why isn't it using my system's date?


Paul M. Foster
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