Re: Properly working with binary data

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On 20.01.2023 at 13:39, Niklas Mollenhauer wrote:

> I'm currently trying to process binary data. I basically need something like an ArrayBuffer in JavaScript [1] as well
> as typed arrays [2] to read/write data and something like a DataView [3] with support for endianess conversion.
> […]
> Is there something to handle this in a performant manner? If not, this would also make a good candidate for a PHP
> extension (or even a built-in extension). Mimicking the API of JS could be a viable option.

There is some recent discussion on the internals mailing list about some
improvements in this regard[1], and there is a draft RFC[2].  Maybe
you're interested in this, in which case you should consider to join the

Besides this, I'm not aware of any existing extensions which would help
with your use-case.

[1] <>
[2] <>

Christoph M. Becker

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