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> On May 22, 2022, at 9:14 AM, Ben Ramsey <ramsey@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 5/22/22 11:00, JEFFRY KILLEN wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I am trying to get an array sorted naturally.
>> I do something like
>> $list = scandir($dirname);
>> natsort($list);
>> According to the manual page the array values are sorted but
>> the keys remain the same. So running the array through a loop
>> does not produce the sorted order. I produces the original order.
>> How to I get a sorted version of the array that I can loop through
>> and produce the revised order?
>> journal-1.2020.php
>> journal-10.2020.php
>> journal-11.2020.php
>> journal-12.2020.php
>> journal-2.2020.php
>> journal-3.2020.php
>> journal-4.2020.php
>> journal-5.2020.php
>> journal-6.2020.php
>> journal-7.2020.php
>> journal-8.2020.php
>> journal-9.2020.php
>> Thank you for time and attention
>> Jeff K.
> How are you looping over the array?
> If you use a for-loop with a counter, then you will see the elements in the array in order of the count.
> If you use a foreach-loop, then you'll see the elements in their order in the array (the sorted order).
> Does this produce the expected output?
> foreach ($list as $item) {
>    echo "$item\n";
> }
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Ben

Yes, Thank you, that does work.

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