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What about goos 

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> On Feb 10, 2022, at 6:34 PM, paulf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Feb 2022 17:46:08 -0500
> <paulf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Folks:
>> I'm not that great with joins, and I've always sort of worked around
>> this problem, but maybe you have a better way. I'm using SQLite3, but
>> any SQL db will do
>> Assume a tables:
>> create table users {
>> id integer primary key autoincrement,
>> name varchar(50)
>> };
>> create table invoices {
>> vendor integer references users(id),
>> customer integer references user(id)
>> }
>> Now if I want to do a query over the invoices table which includes
>> both the vendor name and the customer name, I have two joins against
>> the same users table. It doesn't work. Like this:
>> SELECT as custname, as vendname FROM invoices as i,
>> users as u WHERE i.vendor = AND i.customer =;
>> Normally, I just fetch the customer name records (in PHP) and then
>> iterate over them again to fetch the vendor name. But there should be
>> a better way. Anyone know one?
>> Paul
> My apologies to the list. I failed in my due diligence before asking
> the question. A little more search engine research, and I found the
> answer. It involves multiple joins to the same table using multiple
> aliases for the joined table, and different join fields. Again, sorry.
> Paul
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> Paul M. Foster

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