Clear OPcache and realpath cache on PHP-FPM reload

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This question is about PHP-FPM.

Is a graceful reload (SIGUSR2) a reliable way to clear OPcache and the realpath cache?

Currently, I restart PHP-FPM pools to clear OPcache and realpath cache when `opcache.validate_timestamps = Off`. This causes 503s for users. I'd like to queue waiting requests instead by using SIGUSR2, which does a graceful reload.

I've found that sending SIGUSR2 to the master process clears OPcache. php-fpm(8) says:

    graceful reload of all workers + reload of fpm conf/binary

Technically, OPcache is held in the master process. So does 'graceful reload of all workers' also mean the master process?

With kind regards,

William Edwards

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