Re: use htaccess to upgrade PHP?

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The GNU operating system is commonly distributed through autonomous projects: Those GNU or GNU/Linux projects release its operating system variant as "Distributions".

Each of these distributions are released periodically as a version.
Examples for Debian distribution:
- Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (codenamed "stretch")
- Debian GNU/Linux 10.0 (codenamed "buster")
- Debian GNU/Linux 11.0 (codenamed "bullseye")
Examples for Ubuntu distribution:
- Ubuntu GNU/Linux 12.04 (codenamed "precise")
- Ubuntu GNU/Linux 16.04 (codenamed "xenial")
- Ubuntu GNU/Linux 20.04 (codenamed "focal")

Each disto (distribution) version is a compilation of software (either to boot, GUI, services, applications, etc.)

Ubuntu 12.04 provided PHP 5.3.10
Ubuntu 16.04 provided PHP 7.0
Ubuntu 20.04 provides PHP 7.4
Debian 11 provides PHP 7.4
Next Ubuntu and Debian versions (and other distros) provide PHP 8.x

To have a well-integrated and stable system, you should use a GNU distribution and install the PHP version provided in its repositories. Then you would like to choose OS distro/version per your desired PHP version or flavour.

Narcis Garcia

I'm using this dedicated address because personal addresses aren't masked enough at this mail public archive. Public archive administrator should fix this against automated addresses collectors.
El 6/1/22 a les 0:25, gordonisnz@xxxxxxxxx ha escrit:
PHP and htaccess question.

Hello, looking at my phpinfo()  i'm using this version -

When doing a loop over the /usr/ directories, I have access to :-

80' '/usr/local/lib/php-7.1.20-precise'
81' '/usr/local/lib/php-7.2.15-xenial'
82' '/usr/local/lib/php-7.2.9-precise'
83' '/usr/local/lib/php-7.3.2-xenial'
84' '/usr/local/lib/php-7.4.9-xenial'

1) What is the difference between precise, and xenial versions of PHP
? (Ive googled & found Xenial is some version for a linux Server).
phpinfo also confirms Linux server.

Whenever I log into my portal (shared server with other
users/websites), it tells me to upgrade my PHP.

HOWEVER if i do that, it affects my ENTIRE website (multiple sub
domains & the main directory.) I'll have to upgrade, & then quickly
review each of my sites for any broken pages. I can't change each
subdomain one at a time via the portal.

2) Is there a way to use htaccess to change the path, & which php
version to use ?

I'll then create a new subdomain, Copy my files over - (Removing
excess code I dont need) and use the newest PHP version.

Is this possible in htaccess ?  When I have my two main
websites/subdomains transferred over, I can just upgrade the PHP in
the main portal.

if possible, I'll be able to upgrade each of my subdomains one at a time

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