RE: Atb.: Implementation differences between checkdnsrr and dns_get_record

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Absolutely and thanks for the chance.

In this case for implementation I mean if they both rely on the same network libraries and methods to access the network.

To be more detailed, recently I dealt - by others PHP code -  with both these instructions troubleshooting a wrong network problem, between a firewall configuration and the regional availability of the servers of origin/destination. The developers of this 3rd company asked me to install some code that they were using in one and the other instruction with different final results. Actually, I do not remeber much more and which of the two functions got most useful. 

I see also that there are some difference in the PHP versions supported by them, that make me think one time more they have different kind of network access.

Daniele Bonini

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Subject: Atb.: Implementation differences between checkdnsrr and dns_get_record

Please, be more precise.

The obvious differences are in the different function signatures.


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Tēma: Implementation differences between checkdnsrr and dns_get_record
Hello everyone,

I would like to fill in my curiosity.. What are exactly the implementation differences between checkdnsrr() and dns_get_record() instructions?

Thx a lot,

Daniele Bonini

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