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On 24 September 2021 20:45:12 BST, ourdiaspora <ourdiaspora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Linux there's not really such a thing as a "normal" user. Your web
>server will typically be running under the apache or www2 user (or
>similar). The temporary upload directory (usually /tmp but you'd have to
>check your php.ini or phpinfo() for this) would need to have permissions
>that allow the web server user to write to it.
>The postgresql role ('c') was created from the default postgres role, in the local machine normal user ('n'). A new linux normal user ('c') was created, of the same name as the postgresql role for this database, csv import test.
>The command 'adduser' was used, with options 'ingroup' to assign the normal user for the database, to the normal user linux group. The command 'id' was used to confirm correct group assignment.
>A local directory was created for the temporary file, as described previously and confirmed to be recognised by review of the file 'phpinfo()'.
>The database user is able to insert data into the table from within postgresql 'psql' utility, to imply successful configuration of the postgresql software.
>The database can be accessed from a fragment of the php script (to print the number of rows of a table), but cannot activate the error log function to interrogate further.

I don't know how many more ways I can explain this, please read up on your temp directory:

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