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On 04/08/2021 07:07, gordonisnz@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello. I'm looking at the php date function. easy enough.


Question:- where is the help page to tell us what all the various
letters mean ?

January (month in full)
Jan  (small month )   etc...

i remember this from somewhere but i cant find it on the above page.
The format character list is on (DateTime(Immutable) and date() share the same list for output format)

This is linked to from the 'format' parameter description.

QUESTION: How do we ask / recommend that the page be amended ? -0 to
add all the letters & meanings, or add a link to the page that tells
us that ?
There's a "Report a Bug" link at the top right of every manual page (under the language select drop-down) which takes you to the docs issue tracker. You can use this to suggest changes as well as reporting errors.

You can also submit a pull request with your suggested change. There's instructions for setting up a local copy of the manual in the doc-base repo readme:

Question- what are the letters  for a full month, and big month ?

ADMIN:-  can the 'help' email command be added at the bottom of each message ?

php-general-help@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  - took me 20 mins to find / try it,

With regards to help using the mailing list, you can find this on the website by going to Get Involved => Mailing List (at the bottom under "Useful links for developers"), then the command help is at the bottom of the page. (I'm not a list admin or core developer, so can't make any modifications). You can use GitHub search to find the file to edit by searching for the function / method name or a piece of text on the page ("date" brings up a lot of results, but if you search for the function description "format a local time/date" instead, it's the ~5th result)

It's possible a list admin might not see your suggestion here. I would suggest filing an issue at (I don't think there's a category for mailing list issues, but if you file it under General Issues then one of the bug herders will make sure it gets assigned to the right people)

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