Re: Why does `setcookie` send header before throwing `Error` exception?

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> it looks
> like calling new foo() from within the class def would
> make it recursively trying to set the cookie.
Actually, the class def begins in one line and ends in the next line (the line `new Foo()` is outside of the class def), did I misunderstand something?; it is similar to this:

	class Foo {}

which is small enough for illustrating what I think is a discrepancy between the two calls I mentioned in previous messages:

>	setcookie('name', 'value', 1, new Foo());


>	setcookie('name', 'value', array(
>		'expires' => 1,
>		'path' => new Foo()
>	));

The former does not send any header but the latter does.

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