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Bob Mcculloch - Hope
Was there a car passing by the fire that gave the white streak thru the fire?

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Subject: PF gallery on Jan 08, 2023

The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated on January 08, 2023.
Authors with work now on display at: include:             

Guy Glorieux -
Roy Miller - Hearts Float    
Andrew Davidhazy - Missing parts
Dan Mitchell - Omnibus
Emily Ferguson - Early bird
Bob Mcculloch - Hope
Rob Talbot - Upton Manor
Lew Schwartz - Hosta

To participate in this activity send your contributions early (suggestion: near 1000 pix in longest dimension and 200Kb in maximum size).
If need be the staff will adjust them for exhibition. Please state GALLERY on mail subject line.

From: Andromeda and the rest of the gallery staff

PS: do you know of other persons who might be interested in subscribing to PhotoForum? See below:

For subscription, signoff and mail options instructions and password reminder visit

If that does not work contact Andrew Davidhazy at andpph@xxxxxxx

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This week's fotofeature thumbnail attached:

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