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I noticed it too right away  but I was on my phone. I erased my memory which I assumed held my cache but last weeks images were still there. Later I was on my desktop  computer and last week images were still there. My guess is RIT computer is the problem. Staffing shortage as this is a holiday weekend with the gnomes at the beach watching helicopters make splashes. 

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Date: 2/20/22 2:20 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [PhotoForum] PF gallery on 02-20-2022

The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated on February 20, 2022. 
Authors with work now on display at:  include:              

Thane Thurmond - Wall Garden
Bob McCulloch - Late Afternoon on the Beach
Roy Miller - Color Of Rain In Fall
Jim Snarski - Solitude
John Retallack -
Andrew Davidhazy - Venus in the clear
Guy Glorieux - Tulips
Chris Strevens - Autumn in Helsby 

To participate in this activity send your contributions early and keeping them near 1000 pix in longest dimension and 200Kb in maximum size. Large images that run off the edges of average monitors are a pain. Larger is not always better! Please state GALLERY on mail subject line.

If you have doubts about how to prepare images just send them anyway and the capable gallery staff will adjust them for exhibition.

From: Kamila and the rest of the gallery staff

PSS: do you know of other persons who might be interested in subscribing to PhotoForum? See below:

For subscription, signoff and mail options instructions and password reminder visit

If that does not work contact Andrew Davidhazy at andpph@xxxxxxx

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This week's fotofeature: 

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