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I vote for red…Canon L lens stripe, and Leica, too.

Thanks for your work on this, Andy.


your kids . my camera . we’ll click

On Nov 19, 2021, at 8:02 PM, Andrew Davidhazy <andpph@xxxxxxx> wrote:

As assembly of the book of member’s photographs is proceeding it occurred to me that
maybe it would be good to ask for opinions as to what the cover color should be. I recall
vaguely that this was a matter that elicited some discussion last time. So, if you have a
suggestion regarding the cover color please let me/us know. At this point we have had white,
black, blue, green and silver. Guess red  would make a set of RGB. ;)

Also, sine the assembly is a work in progress additional contributors are more than welcome.
We could use 5 or more contributors to bring some “heft" to the book. Someone suggested
we simply add the possibility for all to add two more pages each but am reluctant to do that
as it is not what we set out to do. Maybe next time.

If possibly interested in being included in the book take a look at these guidelines. If you
don’t have much time to devote to this just send one or two photographs to me directly
and I will take care of the rest. Size is not a major concern. Image files up to 5Mb or
even more OK.

Look here:

Deadline is a rolling one. Work accepted until book is imminently ready for sending to printer.

OK … now one more thing. This weekend’s update of the members’ gallery could use another
photograph or more. Guidelines for this are images that are roughly equal to 1000 in longest
dimension and less than 200K in compressed size. Send to me at andpph@xxxxxxx

Andy Davidhazy, PF list coordinator

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