Re: PF gallery update: 6 new photographs on 10-02-2021

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On 10/2/2021 13:09, Andrew Davidhazy wrote:
Emily Ferguson - Day's end, Franconia Notch.
Striking colors and patters. I assume I'm seeing some degree of manipulation here, deliberate long exposure beyond support stability, or zoom, or some combination, but that's fine with me.
Roy Miller - Aerial view of mountains with two native American villages
In that lighting they resemble mountains quite a lot, if mountains with unusual color perhaps!
Chris Strevens - Corwan Wales
I do love that kind of space, the older buildings, the varied pavement composition, etc. And the relatively soft light. That does raise issues including that much sky!
Jim Snarski - Orb Weaver
This doesn't seem to me to be served well by the shallow depth of field inherent in that degree of magnification (of course it could be cropped a lot, but I was thinking vaguely around 1:1). The colors are wonderful, though. And the body designs of those little guys are *so* amazing. Not a situation where focus stacking could help? Or you just didn't want the depth I think I'd like better?
Bob McCulloch - Sunset Over Moosehead
The effect with the horizon with sunset colors being *darker* seems unusual to me! And it does seem like the expanse of sky filling the upper left isn't contributing very much to the photo.
Andrew Davidhazy - On the plains of the Serengeti

I like the head-to-head regard, and generally the juxtaposition of the two zebras.

My one time in Africa I didn't have the camera equipment to accomplish much (it was the summer after 4th grade, so there is also perhaps doubt I would have known what to do with real camera equipment to any depth).

Dan Mitchell - In the Pink
Love the juxtaposition of the three buildings, the old brickwork with generations of patches and supports, the more updated building in pink for your title, and the modern building in the background (with nice lighting on the ribs between windows along the top too).
Rob Talbot - Flower Power

Darn, I'm sure I've seen this before. Anyway, like it, the sunflowers and human head, and the really goofy expression, are very nice.

David Dyer-Bennet, dd-b@xxxxxxxx;
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