Re: Another book of interest?

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What sizes are we talking about ? one or two pictures?

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On 8/27/2021 08:38, PhotoRoy wrote:
how do I pick one or two photos to represent me? I've got traditional to creative to wacked out stuff

I don't expect to represent myself in one or two photos, no. And frankly I don't expect another book to be of broad artistic interest. But *I* found the previous book of interest to *me personally*, and I expect I would find another one did also.
If I were picking a photo or two tonight, I'd probably pick from the project I published a book on last year, "Words Over Windows" (art / graffiti on panels put up to protect store windows, mostly, during the riots after George Floyd was murdered here in Minneapolis last summer); I think they are my best recent work. And they're utterly unlike anything I've ever done before, they don't fit at all as "representing me" in any broad sense.

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