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My dad carried a C-3 with him in the Pacific in 1942-1943. I still have it, but it's in rough shape. He told me that the Army Air Force on Canton Island gave them all the 35mm film they could

ever use, and processed it for them as well. Unfortunately, before he died in 1993, he destroyed several rolls of negatives--I have only one long roll and a number of prints. When I was in

high school I used it a while in '59 but could never get used to the split image range finder. Next camera was a Yashika TLR in '61 followed by NIkon Fs in '67 & 69 from SEA and FRG.

While I have a few digital cameras, I think they're not as much fun, nor as easy to use as analog film.

Bill Pettit

Hi Gang..........

My Dad was into Photography when I was little.

I would go and watch him make contact prints

first with an Ansco contact print box.

Later he got a vintage enlarger.

The lens used Waterhouse Stops!

When I was around 12 (1966) he gave............

Argus C3 (The Brick) 

From there I got a Kodak Reflex II

Twin Lens Reflex.

In High School (1970) I moved up to an Exa IIa

then an Exakta VX1000.

R.E. Baker Photography
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